Our commitment to you, is to help you optimise your health using holistic techniques that are likely to increase energy levels, improve digestion and reduce pain.

Explore your options by contacting us for a FREE 15 minute chat with Michael Cordel to establish if acupuncture is what you need.

07792 861108


Amatsu Centre, 39 Cross Street

Abergavenny, NP7 5ER

"I have had a number of treatments with Michael, in the hope of improving my energy levels and lessening the impact of fatigue.

I’ve found that the treatments have had a really positive impact in these areas, which has made a significant difference to my level of general wellbeing.

In addition to that, I’ve noticed a big improvement in my digestive system and I always feel very calm and present at the end of a treatment session.

Michael always takes the time to carefully explain what he’s doing, which I find really reassuring and I have no hesitation in recommending him.

Paul Glinn

*Get your money back if your condition doesn't improve within 6 treatments!

*The initial consultation is essential in establishing a detailed understanding of your condition, in order to formulate an effective, personalised treatment plan.

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